Hunton Andrews Kurth is an active member of the World Services Group (WSG), a globally recognized multidisciplinary professional services network of more than 120 prominent independent law, accounting and investment banking firms representing worldwide clients in more than 150 jurisdictions and throughout the United States and Canada.

As active members for more than 15 years, we have built strong relationships with WSG’s network of professionals across the world. This allows us to provide effective and efficient service to our clients as we are able to recommend local counsel that we have worked with across jurisdictions and, at times, permits us to collaborate or co-counsel with such firms to solve clients’ legal and business needs. We are confident in recommending fellow network firms to our clients and know first-hand the level of service they can provide. WSG also integrates professionals in the investment banking and accounting professions, which allows us to assist our clients by connecting them with advisors and consultants in these areas.  

Only firms providing high quality standards and excellent client services are invited to join WSG. Firm membership is subject to review as established by the Board of Directors, and firms are selected based on strict objective standards, including:

  • Being among the leading local, national and/or international firms
  • Having the highest professional reputation within the professional community
  • Having unparalleled depth of practical experience in their region

This has created a network of premier representation in every region of the world with an unparalleled level of quality of service. Hunton Andrews Kurth is proud of its association with WSG and its member firms.


WSG harnesses the strength of the network and the power of technology to help us meet client expectations in a rapidly changing world. Built upon a proprietary platform of innovation and technology, WSG's database provides our firm with resources to do business in other jurisdictions and stay abreast of current developments.


Membership in the WSG allows us to provide our clients with:

  • Immediate access to distinguished individuals and companies influencing business within areas of interest.
  • Exchange of information and common interests among professional service disciplines to create awareness and access to services across industries.
  • Continuously evolving systems and information designed to conduct business among industries.