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Request for SIGNOAPI materials


I would like to have the signoAPI free demo to test it. How can I obtain it?

von VSG | 16.03.2020 21:35

Hello, please contact including your detailed company address. Furthermore please let us know for which operating system and programming language (Windows, iOS, Linux, native Java etc.). Thank you.


Good morning,
I use the 7.0.109 version of SignoApi in an application.
In this application I have a form with the STImgCtl control (AxSTIMGCTLLib.AxSTImgCtl) in which I go to upload the pdf file to be signed.
Some pdf files are loaded very slowly and once signe [more]

von Giorgio Calchi Novati | 03.04.2019 16:49

Hello, for support please use the appropriate form and send samples as well:
This comment section is not intended and convenient for support.


Can you sign a PDF document already signed with another digital signature?

von Raul vidiella | 05.02.2019 17:41

Yes, of course. The previous signature must be a valid signature according to the ISO-standard (readable in the Acrobat Reader).