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Do you have a signo pad device simulator that can be used during the development?

von Michael | 11.11.2021 18:23

No, we don't have such a tool.

Specialist ICT

Hello, when I signing:
No connection has been opened to this signature pad and signing works.

How does it fix? What is the cause?

von Petr | 04.02.2021 17:36

Hi Petr, this section is for comments and not for support. Without exact information about which pad and software, versions etc. is used , we cannot assist you. Please use the appropriate form here:
Please provide a detai [more]


Hello, we already use the pad in the twain mode and it works well. Is it possible, always using twain mode, also display a static image/text? Maybe with an external procedure and then keep using twain mode? Or we'll have to use the SDK in this case? TIA

von Paolo | 25.11.2020 14:20


Unfortunately there can be no changes in the pad settings using TWAIN/WIA. You would have to use the SDK in normal mode.


Slide Show with images
Omega Model SIG200

I need to add standby image slide show. but its crash.
I already compress the images. Also I am not able to set 10 images.

Using slide show manager its working . but how to set using code.

Is there ant SDK available f [more]

von Parth | 19.11.2020 10:51

Good day, the signoPAD-API/Windows supports it of course. Please refer to the documentation. For further questions please use our support form, because this section is used for comments.

SignatureGetBounds Method not found

Code :
I am facing an issue.
please check below error message.System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Void signotec.STPadLibNet.STPadLib.SignatureGetBounds(Int32 ByRef, Int32 ByRef, Int32 ByRef, Int32 ByRef, signotec.STPadLibNet [more]

von Parth Modi | 15.06.2020 11:46

Dear Customer,
For technical inquiries please fill out our support-contact-form to directly get in contact with our technical support. You can find the form with the following link.

Control of signed documents

Is it possible to know the number of signed documents?

von rafael baena | 02.06.2020 17:46

Dear Customer,
Unfortunately such a function is not possible, because it is a hardware based API which does not record the amount of operations. You would have to count the amount of documents signed on your own accord.

Linux library


May I know if the file file still available or it had been replace with another library file?

I had installed the signoPAD-API (Device API) package but the library wasn't in it.

Can you advise where can I download the

Thank you

von Daniel Tan | 26.05.2020 07:35

Hi, yes, the lib is still available of course.
You will get a separate e-Mail with the download link.

Windows touchscreen

Hi. Can i use electronic sign on windows notebook with a touchscreen without a signotec touchpad attached?

von Filip | 21.01.2020 02:21

The signoPAD-API can not be used to integrate an electronic signature, captured by Windows touchscreens into your own software. However, our software solutions signoSign/2, Adobe Acrobat Plug-In and signoSign/Universal can be used to sign with a Tablet-PC or Wind [more]


Linguagem Visual Fox Pro

Agradeço que me sejam enviados exemplos de integracao de Signopad API em linguagem Visual Fox

von Horacio Patricio | 12.01.2020 16:56

We don't have sample code for Visual FoxPro, because it is discontinued from Microsoft since 2007.

create new Project

c++ project

Hi I'm new to c++ and I want to create a new project using the signotec API. Any suggestions how to start?

best regards

von Lisa Schindlböck | 17.12.2019 13:51

Hello Lisa,
first of all, this section is for comments and not usable for a C++ training. However, our signoPAD-API comes with an full working C++ sample including the source code. Just open the project and start. If you have specific questions please contact our suppor [more]


Can i link it with oracle and put signature in rdf file

von ENG.Mohamed Mousa | 09.12.2019 20:01

Hello, you can save the signature in each data base of course. This question is more related to the data base programming and not to our API.

Software Development Manager

Dear all,
Where can I find header files or sample code for Delphi? I see in your description that this support Delphi but I installed the package and there is no delphi code.
That's not fair.

von Marius | 08.11.2019 09:44

The 32-Bit version of the signoPAD-API includes a source code example for Delphi as well.

Utilizar dispositivo en c# sig100

tengo un dispositivo sig100 y quiero utilizarlo desarrollando una app en c#, cuales son las referencias y donde encontrarlo para poder utilizar todos sus metodos.

von Edi Espinoza | 24.09.2019 00:04

Good day, you will find everything here:
Please refer to the signoPAD-API.

Technical Support

Can a user on network be notified when a signo pad enters into config mode?

So to keep it simple:

A user enters into config mode for whatever reason. Local IT team wants to be pinged or notified somehow that said signo pad has entered config mode via email, or some s [more]

von Lex G | 21.06.2019 21:04

Hello, for technical support please use our form here:

This section is designed for short comments and questions. Complex issues should be resolved directly with support. Thank you for your understanding.


We want to develope a Xamarin application that requires to sign PDF documents with the biometrics data and without internet connection.

Is possible integrate your API in our solution to meet the requirements?


von Felix Mondelo | 19.03.2019 17:17

yes, we have such an SDK. It is the signoAPI which can be used with Xamarin. We will contact you via e-mail.


hi, i just want to know the concept of sign,
so i have pdf to sign a signature.
after i try all the button it's all lead to saving it as image. (whether just a signature or signature with background) with resize background.

or do i have to save only the signature and m [more]

von david | 27.04.2018 09:19

Hello, the signoPAD-API is for the communication/interaction with the signature pad. If you would like to sign a PDF document a different SDK is needed: The signoAPI. This is not free of charge. If you want a out of the box solution we recommend signoSign/2.

Web-based Application

Good day team, I'd like to know if this works in a Web-based application, I have a .Net Core 2.0 MVC application here, I want to know if I can use it. Thanks

von Lawrence Lolwana | 19.03.2018 09:00

The signoPAD-API consists of local components only. For web-based integration of signature pads, please take a look at our “WebSocket Pad Server”. This interface allows you to integrate signature pads via WebSocket protocol.

Thickness of the signature

Hi, can I change the thickness of the signature lines?

von Joe Johnson | 24.08.2017 10:43

Please refer to the signoPAD-API documentation and search for penWidth. You can choose between a fix width in pixel or dynamic width depending on the pressure.

Save Sign as Image


We would like to use your device, with C#.
My question is: Can we get the sign as image? I mean, we would like to display the sign eg. on a printed document.

Thank you,
Bence Madarász

von Bence Madarász | 08.07.2017 12:56

Hi, of course this is possible. With the signoPAD-API you can control the signature pad (display images, texts etc.) and also capture the signature in different variants and formats, (e.g. JPG,PNG,BMP, TIFF). Also, the API includes a demo application with source code fo [more]

How to combine api with code

Hi, I am new to the Signotec pad and but I want to import this sign pad api into my window application ( made by Any idea for me to process next step?

von Levi Hi | 05.07.2017 11:53

Hi Levi,
if you download the API, it will include an extensive documentation and source code examples .You will also find an example for VB.NET there.

Erro DisplaySaveImageAsFile

use code
int nResult = stPad.DisplaySaveImageAsFile("C:/Image.tif",1, 0);
if (nResult < 0)
MessageBox.Show(String.Format("Error {0}", nResult));

in error
Argument 2: cannot convert from 'int' to 'System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat'

von Saeed | 17.04.2017 19:43

Hi, you make some basic faults. First of all, we don't know which lib you are using, but I guess STPadLibNet.dll. If you check the documentation you will see that the definition is:

void DisplaySaveImageAsFile(string path, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat fileType, [more]

I would like to know if it is compatible with MAC OSx

I would like to know if it is compatible with MAC OS x

von andrej | 24.10.2016 12:36

Hi Andrej, the signoPAD-API is available for Windows and as Native Java version. We do not have a Mac OSX version. For further explanations, please contact our support.

Signature Verification using existing templates

I have a signature templates for each user, 3 for each user stored in my database and i need a system to read from scanned image and compare it with those templates, does your software help me with this ?

von Hossam Nabil | 07.09.2016 12:44

For such a purpose you need our Biometric API. This is able to compare scanned signature images (min. 200 dpi and losless compression) and dynamic signatures from our signature pads. Please contact for more information.

Disabling cropping

The omega tablet always crops the top and bottom of the signature area white space. Is there any way to get the white space preserved like the 0x0008 bitmask does for the SignatureSaveAsStreamEx method, or do I need to capture the whole image and do my own cropping to a [more]

von Alec | 14.07.2015 05:45

First you have to create an empty bitmap of 640 x 480 pixels for example. Then you call the SignatureSaveAsStreamEx method to get the completely cropped image from the signature and copy this image to the desired location of the empty bitmap. The reason behind is the as [more]

Biometric Data

Hi, we are already able to capture encrypted signatures with the JAVA api, but after the decryption process we have only a binary raw data:


How can we convert this raw data to ISO-19794-7 format or something processable like (x,y,p,t).?


von Manuel Castro Paliza | 27.05.2015 14:05

Hi, we have a library which converts the binary data into the ISO-19794-7 Format. Please contact us via

is this API free


we are looking for Omega pads, let us know if this API is free

von Nabeel Noorullah | 01.09.2014 08:18

Yes, this API is free of charge. You can integrate it and distribute it without any costs. Updateds and new versions comes for free as well.


Hi, Do you ave an API or SDK in C++ for Linux Red Had?

von Santiago | 29.08.2014 22:39

Hi, for Linux we provide our native signoPAD-API JAVA SDK. A C++ SDK is available please contact